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Ron Clemons

Ron is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and relocated to Dallas, TX in 2008. He has a niche for public speaking at schools, seminars, churches and to families. He is no stranger to mentoring the youth as he started early in life during high school only to hit the ground running with giving back to the community in Kansas City. In college, he was a member of the Athletes Mentoring program. Upon graduating from college he became a track and field coach and helped his student/athletes with community events. He is a hardworker but more importantly his passion is giving back to the community, mentoring, public speaking and helping everyone whenever he can each and everyday.  Ron is available to speak at your next seminar, conference, church event and/or class.

Xerkell Palmer

Xerkell Palmer is a resident of Dallas with a passion for encouraging others and being of service. As a member of MVC Models Organization these skills were built, in turn creating a way to help others. This licensed image consultant and member of Fashion Group International thrives in seeing more people live their best life everyday. Xerkell is available for style analysis and consultations.

Donyan M. Rogers, M.Ed.

Donyan enjoys motivating, inspiring, and encouraging young adults, children and teens to be the best they can possibly be.  She is currently a Continuing Education adjunct instructor at Mountain View College and the advisor for MVC Models Organization. Her passion for teaching young children and teens about self-confidence building through modeling along with simple social etiquette techniques to aid in deterring children from being bullied is a niche she's compassionate about and enjoys.  She has over 15 years of runway coaching experience. One of her favorite quotes is by our late great Nelson Mandela, "education is the most powerful weapon y0u can use to change the world". She has proven this to be true. Donyan graduated from Mountain View College (DCCCD) in 2001 with an Associates of Arts degree, University of North Texas in 2007 with a degree in Sociology, and received a Master of Science in Education from Capella University in 2011 and currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education.  Donyan is available for runway coaching and/or public speaking at your next seminar, conference, church event and/or class. 

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