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Higher Ed Concierge Consulting

Higher Ed Concierge Consulting:

Get step by step hands-on guidance through the community college life cycle and learn WHY they exist. Better understand the benefits of attending a community college and the pathways to becoming successful; whether receiving a degree, certificate, or hands-on workforce training. Our local community colleges have something to offer YOU.  


Modeltude Agency will ensure that you reach your educational goals by focusing on the following

GRU (Graduate | Revitalize | Unify) Concept:

Graduate— Lead clients through the CC life cycle by facilitating sessions (group and/or one on one)

Revitalize— Bring new life by providing concierge services and consultations

Unify— Centralize point of contact for CC resources (ex. internships, scholarships, volunteer opportunities & empowerment services, etc.)

Email us for additional information about upcoming sessions.

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