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Life Skills Empowerment Institute

Objective: Life Skills Empowerment Institute is geared towards tweens and teens to enhance their life skills as we focus on them becoming model citizens within their communities. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our models gain life skills that they can use for many years to come. There will be group presentations, educational games & open dialogue presented within the curriculum. 

Age: 8-17
Class Meeting (4 Week Sessions | Saturdays)  

Dates TBA | Dates TBA | 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Private sessions: Upon Request (Contact us for additional details) 

Certificate & Goody Bags Received Upon Completion 

Cost: $50 per session/week or $150 pay in full/4 weeks  ( lunch, snacks & supplies will be provided) | Scholarships available (based on income)

Submit one form per model

Location: TBA (To Be Announced Upon Registration) 


Attire: Business Casual: Khakis (pants, skirts & dresses | beige, gray & navy blue or school colors), polo style, button shirts/blouses





 Life Skills Empowerment Institute Register Here


Sessions (Emphasis on Biblical Character & Connection to LSEI):

College Brainiacs: College Life/Prep & Leadership

In this life skill session participants will learn about the college life cycle, which will include community colleges to universities, and how they're connected to leadership. Topics of discussion will include as follows: college lifecycle & history (a day in the life of being a college student), financial aid (includes scholarships), student involvement (honor programs, clubs/organizations, sororities/fraternity life), leadership skills & career pathways (majors/minors). 


Conflict Resolution & The Bully

In this life skill session participants will learn various techniques and tips to overcome conflict at school, home and beyond. Topics/activities will include:  identifying and defining conflict resolution,  role-playing activity to overcome conflict and the bully,  how to handle being bullied, educational games etc.   


Dress for Success & Personal Branding

In this life skill session participants will learn about their personal style and how to dress for an interview whether for a job or for an honor society. Topics/activities will include: How to dress for success, how to tie a necktie, mock interviews, learn about their personal style and a dress for success style showcase.


Social Etiquette & Dating

In this life skill session participants will learn about social skills which will include the following: manners, poise, dining/tipping, grooming, telephone etiquette, and public speaking. This course will assist in building self-esteem and confidence.There will be various activities for students to utilize and practice their etiquette skills. Topics/activities will include: Identifying/defining social etiquette, healthy dating & defining chivalry & various techniques/tips to use.  



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