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Vintage Flair will give you recognition while keeping you in the know about any upcoming digital events and shows.  If this is your package of choice, you will receive the following exclusives:


  • Pics Posted via Modeltude Agency Social Media (IG, FB &Twitter), Advertising and Website Presence

  • Mass Communication via Email/Newsletter (Upcoming Events & Latest Updates}

  • Community Service Opportunities

  • Participation in Educational Fashion Shows for Various Causes

  • General Modeling, Branding & Higher Education Expert Advice (Optional)


Having Fashionista Flair will bring you the confidence you need as an aspiring model, fashion designer, and/or as an elite professional within your career. This membership will take your potential career to the next level.  You will receive the following exclusives:


  • Vintage Flair Exclusives

  • Comp Card Creations (*Quarterly)*Quarterly is based on Modeltude Agency's Photo-shoot Schedules Only, if models sign up after a quarterly shoot MA will further discuss options.

  • Quarterly Photo-shoots (Example: April | August | December) 

  • Model Search, Open Calls and Paid Legit Modeling Opportunities (Based on availability, no guarantees)

  • Higher Education Basic Consultation (Optional & Upon Model's Request)

  • Runway/Modeling Development 1-Hour Sessions (Limit 4 Monthly Sessions)


You want to bring your potential modeling and professional career into COUTURE status. Take advantage of this membership that is all-inclusive of VINTAGE and FASHIONISTA but with VIP exclusives: 


  • Vintage and Fashionista Flairs Included

  • E-portfolio Website: One to Three Page Web Presence (Short Model's Bio & Pics| MA will manage your website)

  • Domain Name & Email Address

  • VIP All Access to Smartshoppes, Glam Sessions and Fashion Events, etc. (Based on Availability) 

  • Higher Education Concierge Consultations (Optional: Models interested in attending college and/or certification.)

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