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HeelHER Expression Session

Grassroots Orgs Represent For The Cause

To bring awareness and donations to our local grassroots organizations; give founders an opportunity to express and share more about their organizations and the communities being served along with how volunteers can get involved etc.


Share their beginning, growth, and successes/challenges...SHARING YOUR WHY (ex. Why does your organization exist overall) 

The Expression Session ends with participants enjoying some runway walking as we showcase our 'Modeltude' and Walk That Walk for a CAUSE, which will empower, strengthen, and build our confidence/self-esteem.

Model Development & Runway Coaching

Aspiring Models Learn To Walk In Heels For Shows & Self-Esteem/Confidence Building

Modeltude Agency will invite you to come out and learn how to walk that walk for a cause in your heels (flats to wedges to stilettos). This will be a fun spirit-filled event. Don't allow your heels to take over your walk any longer! Take charge while supporting a worthy cause (i.e. fashion shows, HeelHER and Community Events, etc.)

Fashion Show Production 101

Learn How to Produce Your Own Fashion Show with Simplicity

In this course, you will learn the basic 'how-to' of producing your very own fashion show. You may reach out to us to learn more via email

HeelHER Overview

Contact Us To Further Discuss Our Programming...

We can be reached via email Take a few moments to subscribe via our website to get the latest updates. 

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