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2024 With YOU-th in Mind:
Youth Fashion, Arts & Crafts Fair

About this event

Calling all YOUTH entrepreneurs for an A-MAZE-ING gathering of young fashionistas, creative artists, and crafty minds!

Modeltude Agency and Skill & Faith Athletes are excited to present to you a With YOU-th in Mind Fashion, Arts & Crafts Fair! This event is scheduled to take place in October of 2024. We need your youth crafter/entrepreneur to RSVP now as we gear up to highlight their A-MAZE-ING work before the actual event (additional info upon pre-registration).

This event is ALL about showcasing our youth entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative with their fashion, arts and crafts. We ask that all youth participants RSVP to pre-register for this youthful event. Space is limited! Calling all YOUTH entrepreneurs and crafters!

Youth under 18 must have their parent/guardian RSVP via our website (Register button below). 

Event Purpose and Theme:

The primary objective of the fair is to promote entrepreneurship among youth in the fashion, arts, and crafts industries with an emphasis on mentorship.

  • To emphasize youth entrepreneurship in the fashion, arts, and crafts industry.

  • Highlighting the importance of creativity, innovation, and business skills development among young participants.

  • Provide youth with mentors by connecting with entrepreneurs/local business owners within their industry, etc.

Proceeds (charges for table/chairs/electricity) will assist with the following initiatives: Skill & Faith Athletes afterschool mentoring program and Modeltude Agency's Life Skills Empowerment Institute.

We're changing the lives of our youth together as a partnership and a community!

With YOU-th in Mind!

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