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Empowering our Teens/Young Adults through Modeltude Smartshoppes

After raising two children in my twenties as a single parent by choice, I have come to TRUE realization now in my mid- forties that empowerment life skills is vital to keep the vessels flowing of our teens and young adults. I thought that it would be ALL over when my son and daughter both turned 18 but it was only the beginning. This BEGINNING seem to have no end and I begin to think to myself, did I create this monster?

As parents we can easily become overwhelmed with day to day and miss out on teaching those valuable life skills. I often wonder, do our teens and young adults have the self-confidence and esteem that is needed to get through LIFE? Or do they mostly find themselves wandering around and trying to fit in with the in-crowd? When I look at my children and all the other children within their generation, I do get concerned about their livelihood and the choices that they're making in LIFE. I would often tell my children and even until this day, 'that the choices you make in LIFE will determine your successes and unsuccesses, and there are consequences depending upon your choice'.

Modeltude Agency Smartshoppes sole focus is to create teen and young adult model citizens within their external and internal communities through empowerment life skills sessions . This will afford them an opportunity to become knowledgeable about how to survive within their communities, and to take a realistic look at what ALL is involved to begin the journey into making a TRUE living for themselves. I am a firm believer that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.

Inspire Involve Impact

Phil 4:13

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